Introducing Swift for Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Domains

In recent weeks, our passionate community has made many requests for us to support one of the most popular new languages: Apple’s Swift. We listened, and now you can solve HackerRank challenges using Swift.  We have enabled it for all the challenges in the Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence domains.  Swift is specialized for iOS and OS X apps, however, now it can be used to solve more than 500 challenges at HackerRank. With the addition of Swift, we now support more than 50 languages.

More about Swift:  Being a multi-paradigm language, it’s among the flag bearers of modern languages. Sometimes referred to as “Objective-C without C,” Swift provides the programming interface to Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. It is intended to be the successor of Objective-C, and relies on Objective-C runtime environment but it is concise and more resilient to erroneous code.

Swift is a compiled programming language built on an incredibly high-performance LLVM compiler infrastructure. Even though it is primarily inspired by Objective-C, it has borrowed concepts from Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python and C#.  Overall, it employs contemporary programming language theory concepts and strives to present a simpler and shorter syntax.
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Take challenges in the Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence domains now!
HackerRank Now Supports Swift
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5 Replies to “Introducing Swift for Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Domains”

  1. Swift is Currently not available in the submission languages in Algorithms section nor in Artifcial Intelligence section.

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