HackerRank and NextBigWhat Presents an Offer for Early Stage Indian Startups

We are glad to announce our partnership with NextBigWhat, India’s biggest platform for tech entrepreneurs, to help start-ups achieve hiring success by offering our robust technical hiring platform free to use for an entire year.

Being a start-up ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to hire top tech talent. In this phase, companies cannot afford to lose a lot of money in making a wrong hire simply because the right way to interview is to objectively measure the candidate’s skill rather than just scanning through a resume. This is what motivated us to provide such an offering.

In order to set this plan in motion, NextBigWhat will reach out to over 15,000 start-ups in their database with this offer. They will also be running a promo ad on their site for a period of 3 months to ensure that this offer gets maximum coverage. We will extend this offering to start-ups who have received under USD 3 million in funding or are earning under USD 1 million in revenue. We believe this will help them hire the right candidates and fuel their success.

We would like to thank NextBigWhat for partnering with us and helping us reach this objective of reaching out to companies with our offer. We are confident that this offer will enable start-ups to hire top talent and help fuel their success. We are confident that this will pave the way for us to partner with NextBigWhat on future projects as well.

Start-ups can avail the offer by signing up here. Once a company is deemed eligible for availing this offer, we would reach out immediately and take the conversation forward.

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